Using BWI’s networks and mentors to provide challenge and support in your business.

By Alice Paget 

BWI is a brilliant place for networking opportunities and support. BWI won’t be afraid to challenge its clients for their start-up process and mentor those who need support.

Mentoring: One thing you can be certain of is that our BWI mentors will help build your “confidence”, develop your skills and dig deeper into the day to day running of your business. Whether you’re looking to implement more effective systems into your business to make it run more smoothly day to day, give your marketing plan a thorough scrub down and polish or even change your entire business direction, there’s someone here at the BWI ready to step in and support you.

Chris, one of our lovely BWI members can help you with software solutions problems and will be giving a talk at the Big Event on September 30th!

Get in touch here to find out how you can find a BWI mentor.

Networking: – The Big Event is…this is one of the biggest primary opportunities to network for your business or seek out help from like-minded women who are just like you. Come along to enjoy:

  • loads of brilliant free resources provided by our expert speakers. 
  • You can even book a booth to display your business! 

Book your ticket here.

 For less intense networking opportunities, why not try our monthly regional meetups, where you can even volunteer to become a “host”, and network month to month to find clients, build your confidence and spread the word about your business offering.

                                                        Sign up here.

Of course, we have a wonderful social media presence where like-minded women share and refer people to our pages and you can interact with these pages, to build your business profile online. So, don’t forget to follow us on all the usual suspects 

Support: Last but by no means least -, BWI has a brilliant support system in place to help you tackle all your business hardships and woes. Whatever it is you’re experiencing, you can be sure someone in our BWI network has been there (or is still there) right now too. 

We believe that a problem shared is a problem halved. So, don’t be afraid to get in touch so we can point you in the direction of some support and guidance – and even training if that’s what’s needed. 

If it’s some low-stress easily accessible training and insights you need, we have workshops that you can purchase online. If you suffer from social anxiety you can access these resources at home whenever you wish at whatever time suits you. 

However, if you prefer a more interactive experience with like-minded individuals in the BWI community, consider attending an in-person monthly meet-up or attending The Big Event and we will be more than happy to guide you and answer any questions you may have “about talks or mentors etc.”

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