About BWi

Who are Business Women in?

We’re one of the most supportive and effective women’s business networking groups there is – whether that’s online as a member of our Facebook community, or in person at one of our monthly Meet Ups or legendary BIG Events. Started as a solitary Facebook group in 2014, by entrepreneur Michelle Eddahar, BWi now boasts over 10,000 members across 46 UK counties.

Why are we called Business Women in? Because we reflect a nationwide community of business women working in diverse roles across a wide range of business sectors. Business women in Wiltshire, in Manchester, in London; in marketing, in catering, in events. You get the idea?

What makes us so good?

You! From Aberdeen to Cornwall, our community is diverse, inclusive and supportive. We know how to network without judgement. We also know how to collaborate, build working relationships and share knowledge. 

Powered by volunteers.

We’re all about community, and not about making money. That’s why BWi is powered by an awesome team of volunteers who donate their skills and time for free.  Why?  Because each and every one of them believes in the power of giving back. And, whilst we don’t pay them, we do publicly celebrate them in other ways whenever we can.    

Our members are women like you.

Either corporate or self employed, established in business or just starting out. Also like you, they are either confident or lacking confidence; flying high or in need of direction. In other words, whoever you are and whatever stage you’re at, BWi is for you!

In short, our ethos is simple: to provide a tolerant, safe and welcoming networking and learning community that’s inclusive of ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age and anyone who identifies as female.

How can you get involved?

Start by completing a FREE Member’s Business Directory Page before checking out our Workshops and Networking Events. Next, head over to Facebook and join as many groups as you would like. Finally, start reaping the rewards of being a BWi Member.

Of course, if you love the community as much as we do, you could always become one of our awesome volunteers!  Get in touch to find out more.


This website has been made with love and is brought to you by the power of an awesome BWi collaboration.

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Jo Starr

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maternal balance logo

Maternal Balance has been built for new mums struggling with anxiety. Whether it’s developed during pregnancy, post childbirth or you have always experienced anxiety and having children has brought it back. The website was founded during Lockdown 2020 by BWi member Helen Hyde who herself suffered with anxiety following the birth of her daughter despite being very lucky with her mental health before having children. Maternal Balance is a totally free resource full of tips, techniques, stories and advice for coping with anxiety. All of our resources are designed for women who are pregnant or have recently given birth and include mindfulness, meditation and exercise. Everything has been provided by experts in their field who understand and work with new mums and pregnant women on a daily basis.


smear ready Logo

Why it was started? The culmination of attendance rates hitting an all-time low, the death of a friend to cervical cancer and attending a cervical screening herself, motivated marketer & designer and former PSHE teacher, Helen Baker, to create this independent social media and craftivism campaign.
Who is it for? It’s targeted at 25-29-year-olds as 1 in 3 of them are skipping appointments, plus it’s the highest risk group for cervical cancer (higher than the national average of 1 in 4). It addresses embarrassment and body image, two of the biggest barriers to attendance through a relatable and supportive ‘big sister’ approach.
How does it help? It has been created to educate and empower women about their bodies and the importance of smear tests (cervical screenings) that save an estimated 5000 lives every year. The campaign has received numerous messages that it has encouraged people to book their (often overdue) appointments.


Logo for All Yours - A period box scheme for women and girls experiencing period povertyWe’d like to introduce you to All Yours, a period box scheme for women and girls experiencing period poverty.

In December 2020, All Yours (a Community Interest Company) started putting together period boxes with a period’s worth of period products to help as many people as possible in the West Berkshire area. They’ve now expanded this service to include Wiltshire, South Oxfordshire and Hampshire.

They provide two types of boxes to charities and welfare organisations. One is for adult women with more experience of their periods; containing a mix of tampons and period pads. The other box is for teenage and younger girls who are just getting to grips with their periods; containing day and night period pads designed specifically for teenagers and younger girls, and packs of knickers and tights. They distribute these boxes through food banks, supported housing units, women’s charities, schools, and community groups.

They will even send bespoke boxes to individuals who request them through their Website or Facebook Page and can provide a more tailored selection for these women, including the offer of reusable period pads or menstrual cups (from Earthwise Girls).


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