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Are you ready to begin networking with not just hundreds but thousands of other businesswomen?

 Our dedicated groups offer something slightly different for women in business.  We offer real networking opportunities for you. Whether you have an idea for a business, you work in corporate, you are self-employed, or you are a fully-fledged business owner, you are welcome to join our groups.

We would recommend that you first join a group in your local area and then join others in areas that might help your business.  View our list of county groups below. We ask that you engage and become a valuable member of our groups, both giving and receiving support, advice, and sharing celebrations.

Covering 46 counties, our Facebook groups are the perfect place to find clients, float your business ideas, ask for help and forge personal and working relationships. Wherever you’re based in the UK there’ll be a group for you. And if there isn’t, we’re more than happy to start! You can post and comment daily, advertise your courses, events and workshops on a Saturday and shamelessly plug your business on a Sunday. Showcase your expertise on our Thursday Did you Know posts and share a charity close to your heart on our Sunday afternoon posts.

Sound good? Well, all you need to do is click on the county group you want to join below and you’ll be taken straight to the Facebook Group. To join, click the blue ‘Join Group’ button under the cover photo. You’ll be asked 3 quick questions and tick to accept our group rules. That’s all you need to do! You will be approved shortly after requesting to join then you’ll be able to start interacting with the group and reap the benefits in no time.

BWi Facebook groups are completely FREE to join but offer priceless networking opportunities.

Join a BWi Facebook Group today to connect with our community of like-minded businesswomen!

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