Become A Host

Why become a Meet Up Host?

What’s in it for you? The answer to that is, plenty! Not only are our monthly Meet Ups the most supportive way to network, they are also the most effective for both members, and host.

BWi exists to bring business women together. To facilitate great conversation, meaningful connections and sustained personal and business growth. Our Meet Ups enable members to get together (online or in person) and knit all of those things together. And that’s where you come in.

As Host, you are the Master of Ceremony; the Colonel in Chief; the Head Honcho. And it’s your job to ensure the meeting flows, the networking runs like clockwork and every member feels valued.

Reasons why you should do it

  • It’s a great way to enhance your brand visibility & awareness within BWi
  • Hosts are regularly featured on BWi’s Facebook & LinkedIn pages; showcasing you/your business with a photo, business bio & media links
  • Members get to know, like & trust you
  • Inclusion on our BWi website
  • Receive half-price tickets to all BWi BIG Events
  • Free admission to your monthly Meet Up
  • Free admission to any other Meet Ups hosted by BWi
  • Ongoing Host support via a private messenger group
  • Gain support, share ideas & communicate good practice with fellow hosts
  • One to one coaching with Michelle Eddahar
  • A buddy Host for additional support, if you’d like one
  • Free Host development course

What does a great Host look like?

Firstly, you are friendly, welcoming, encouraging and consistent. After all, you are acting as host/facilitator during meet ups; encouraging members to get to know each other and talk about themselves and their businesses.

Secondly, you are well organised and a great communicator. You’ll get to know who’s in your area, build relationships, comment and invite members to your Meet Up. You may have to source a venue, and you’ll definitely have to advertise and promote your event. Ultimately, it’s your baby, so will need a lot of nurturing. The good news is, the more you nurture your Meet Up, and its attendees, the more you will benefit as Host. So, could you be our next Meet Up Host?

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