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Support Each Other

Incredible Things Happen


Do you work in corporate? Maybe you’re a sole trader, run a small company or are self employed? Or maybe you just have a business idea that you’d love to get off the ground? Whatever type of business woman you are…

Business Women in (BWi) is for you.

Whether you’re an experienced business owner or a complete novice, if you want to grow your network, gain new clients, increase your friendship group and are prepared to be supportive, non-judgemental, respectful and open-minded…

BWi is definitely for you!

In short, our Facebook groups, Meet Ups, BIG Events and Workshops are inclusive, supportive and informative; building on the strength of women to hold each other up when needed and laugh together without reason.

Michelle Eddahar BWi Founder

Michelle Eddahar, Founder of Business Women In


  • Belong to an active, supportive UK-wide business community
  • Connect with like minded women & grow your business network
  • Find new clients, collaborators & friends
  • Increase your brand awareness & business profile
  • Monthly Meet Ups to suit you. Pay as you got at just £10 per session, attend whenever & wherever you like
  • Pay as you go to develop your personal & professional skills by attending our workshops which are only £39
  • Become a Plus Member to pay just £10 per month for all Online & In-person Meet Ups
  • Become a Premium Member for £15 a month and attend as many Online & In-Person Meet Ups, Online Workshops and On-Demand Recordings
  • Receive a FREE listing on our Business Directory
  • Access FREE business & personal resources
  • Get help, support & advice whenever you need it
  • Attend BIG Events in stunning locations, with inspirational speakers, fabulous networking opportunities, delicious lunches & free parking
  • Gain access to products and services tried, tested and recommended by the community
  • Brush up your business skills in your own time, at your own pace with our online BWi Courses
Based on 119 reviews
Lindsay West
Lindsay West
Great to be able to attend the first Shaftesbury in-person meet up this morning. Fabulous host, great venue and a wonderful mix of inspirational women. Can't wait to go again!
Lisa Dimond
Lisa Dimond
I highly recommend BWI for many reasons. I recently started purchasing and watching some of their workshop recordings, and they are brilliant! Each session is provided by talented and knowledgeable businesswomen, each an expert in their field. The AI workshops have been mind-blowing and will immensely help my business. The smartphone filming workshop gave me numerous tips for improving my social media videos, and the Facebook advertising session provided me with the knowledge to create effective ads for my business. I became a member a couple of years ago and started attending my local networking events, which have been great for my business. I have met so many lovely ladies and made valuable connections and friendships. Overall, BWI has been a real game-changer for my small nutrition and weight management business.
LilyandMarsh Interiors
LilyandMarsh Interiors
SEO Course: great content and I learnt some very specific key points that will help me improve on my website. Thank you Nicola.
Jacqui Ellis
Jacqui Ellis
Oh how I love attending the BWi Big Event!! I always leave re-energised and re-charged re my business purpose having connected and spent time with this amazing supportive group of business women!
Claire Watson
Claire Watson
Really enjoy attending the Bridgwater meeting, fab ladies, a lovely relaxed no pressure environment and conveniently located.
Julie Tomkins
Julie Tomkins
I've tried a few networking groups but BWI is my favourite. It's much more like having a chat with friends and brainstorming ideas. I love helping other small businesses with ideas, seeing them come to fruition and supporting them afterwards. With long term health issues, formal networking was too scary but BWI meet ups are full of supportive and understanding woman. It is my monthly therapy session, I highly recommend attending a meet up near you.
Are We There Yet Travel Agency
Are We There Yet Travel Agency
It was my 2nd network meeting, but 1st with BWI - and this meeting was just what i needed for myself and my business. Every single women in the room, was amazing. In themselves but also there passion for their business. But also in wanting to share and grow each others knowledge, confidence, skill base, ideas and also just someone to talk too or hear me and each other. Tracy was an excellent host and i without doubt will be back. Thank you all x
Elizabeth Chanter
Elizabeth Chanter
It is wonderful to be returning to the BWi "nest" after an enforced absence of several months due to illness. Even in the online Zoom today, I felt the welcoming warmth, genuine interest and support, meeting with old friends and new. It's the building of the enduring relationships between women that makes the BWi such a specially supportive network, head and shoulders above any other networking groups I have experienced ~ a brilliant testimony to Michelle Eddahar, the beating heart and soul of BWi.
Tara Clist
Tara Clist
I attended my first BWi networking event today and I loved it! I’ve done so much networking over the years and I really found this so genuine and supportive, such a special space to share, help others and get help. I will be back - thank you!
Paula Harsley
Paula Harsley
Business Women in is a diverse group of great women sharing great ideas and giving great support to each other. A genuinely caring vibe where no question is too daft, no problem too small to discuss. Something very special happens when you get a group of women together, and something even more special happens when they discuss how to develop their businesses!

Powerful Alone, Stronger Together

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Discover the unique advantages of being part of Business Women In. Our community offers you unparalleled support, resources, and opportunities at every stage of your business journey. From exclusive networking events to tailored workshops, BWi provides everything you need to succeed and thrive in a competitive business landscape. Join us and experience the power of collective growth

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Become part of a vast network of over 15,000 welcoming and supportive businesswomen from various industries, professions, and experience levels. This rich tapestry of knowledge and connections allows you to share insights and build lasting relationships that will support your personal and professional growth. At BWi, you are never alone in your journey.

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Covering 46 counties, you can explore our Facebook groups, Meet Ups, and BIG Events designed to help you find clients and forge working relationships, wherever you’re based. Whether you’re looking to connect locally or nationally, BWi provides a platform for you to meet like-minded professionals across the country.

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