Written by Regan Mcgougan

As teenagers and adults, we listen to music every day, we could be in the car driving or cleaning with the radio on or at work, or even in a shopping centre.

We then start humming along or we think to ourselves this is a good song, typically remember the lyrics and download them to a device that we own. 

Throughout our lives, we get different artists that we like and different songs with different kinds of lyrics. Some are meaningful, happy, loud, and quiet there are all different ones. We then take our favourite lyrics and play them over and over again. They then become our favourite songs that we always listen to on a daily basis or weekly. Typically the lyrics in the song that we are listening to either represent a moment in our lives with a happy or sad or even surprising moment. Also, it could represent a special day or person lyrics compact in our lives a big part as they are always in our heads.

In life music has really helped me a lot from the small phases of a song through to deep words that come into the lyrics, do you feel like they help release stress or anxiety or just, in general, make you happy that’s how they make me feel.

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