Carbon Counting is something that every business needs to get into the habit of doing. In the recent COP26 summit it was announced that all large firms in the UK must have a detailed plan to become low carbon by 2023, in line with the UK’s net zero 2050 plan. It’s likely this will become a requirement for most if not all firms in the UK in the near future.

 In order to do this every business will need to count and then reduce their carbon emissions as part of a larger sustainability plan. Carbon Counting is now a legal requirement for large firms, and without properly tracking your Carbon output you’ll be unable to assess your environmental footprint.

You can stay ahead of the curb by getting into the habit of counting your carbon emissions now, you might be surprised where your carbon emissions come from.

While writing this we came across a great carbon counting app called Giki which gamifies the carbon counting process and suggests tips for you to improve, you can find it here, it’s free to use but it also has a priced professional version that acts as a sustainability program and carbon tracker for your business.

If you’re looking for a more business oriented carbon counter there are a number of businesses and NGOs that will work with you to not only accurately count your carbon emissions but help you to reduce them such as the Carbon Trust ( It’s worth contacting the Carbon Trust for free and expert advice on reducing your environmental footprint

By Carbon Counting now, you’ll save yourself hassle later on, and you’ll be able to find ways to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s likely that we’ll see a significant increase in environmental regulation in the next decade. By self-regulating now, you can stay ahead of the pack and keep your business sustainable in the long term.



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