Business Women in crowned Diversity and Inclusion Champion at the Business Awards UK 2021

BWi have been named Diversity and Inclusion Champion at the Business Awards UK 2021. This award is in recognition of their unique approach to the Government’s Kickstart Scheme and their commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace and community. 

Michelle Eddahar  said: “I am so thrilled that BWi has been recognised for this award. This achievement sums up the hard work and dedication of our employees and members over the past few years. Diversity and Inclusion are core values of BWi and have been an important influence in the way we approached the kickstart scheme.” 

Since Michelle founded BWi, she has built  an eclectic workforce that has  grown exponentially, especially throughout the pandemic as they participated in the ‘Kickstart’ scheme. They have now surpassed an impressive milestone of welcoming 100 kickstarters since May 2021, with another 50 set to join them in February. Michelle, with the help of Chris Lewry (Pincus Solutions Ltd), embarked on the challenge of taking 50 kickstarters in each cohort and adopted a unique approach by not interviewing candidates, but instead hiring them based on a willingness to learn.  They understood the individual needs and career aspirations of each kickstarter and offered remote working, one-to-one meetings, and flexible working hours enabling those who couldn’t commit to traditional working hours to take part. Throughout the scheme they tailored work towards employees’ interests, organising internships outside of the organisation for those with a specific interest in an industry (such as fashion and tourism), creating side projects (sustainability, PR and social media management) and had internships in marketing lined up for when the scheme ends. 

BWi also participated in National Inclusion week last year and learnt a lot about creating a workforce that is inclusive to all. We did this by educating ourselves, listening to others and creating a safe space for open conversations. We would highly encourage other businesses and the BWi community to take part this year.

BWi recognises the importance of diversity and inclusion within an organisation and workforce, with employees being able to learn from each other’s experience and perspectives all of which enable employees and members to feel valued and represented throughout the whole organisation. 

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