Written by Aimee Carter

Throughout the last couple of years, the number of us working from home has drastically increased due to the pandemic. During this time we have realised that sometimes working from your home can be hard so here are some tips which can help when you’re having a bit more of a stressful day. Here are some tips that we think will be helpful:

  • Have a Routine – By having a routine where you get up at the same time every day definitely helps keep your motivation high and you are ready for your day when you get up.
  • Don’t Use Your Bedroom To Work In – Working in your bedroom can attach work to your sleeping area, which in turn can then make it difficult to get rest as your head will still be thinking about the work which is only a couple metres from your bed instead of actually resting.
  • Exercise – Going for a walk before you start working can help kickstart your day as exercise and fresh air releases endorphins, which make you happy making your day a little bit easier.
  • Taking Pride In Your Appearance – Getting up and getting dressed even just to sit on your laptop in your house can also help you feel refreshed, whereas sitting in your pyjamas all day can make you feel tired and want to go back to bed.
  • Make Sure You Eat To Refuel – Ensure to take a break to refuel your body with food, as being hungry will make your mind wander causing you to be distracted while working so remember it’s okay to take breaks.
  • Stay Hydrated – Throughout the day stay hydrated, drink plenty of water as this will help to keep your energy levels up and it’s also simply good for you!
  • Music Helps Keeping You Focused – If you’re prone to getting distracted making a playlist for when you work to keep you motivated is something that can benefit workflow. Just putting on some music while doing whatever task you have to do can help keep you in the zone, (bonus if a really good song comes on and you can have a small dance break or sing along throughout your day as long as you’re not distracting someone else!)
  • Take breaks away from your screen – Taking time away from your screen is just as important as being at your screen to work. As when your eyes are feeling sore, strained or even blurry from staring at the screen for so long isn’t going to help you get your work done. So even if it’s just a quick 5-minute break to grab a drink and stretch your legs or a 15-minute break to go for a quick walk to clear your mind to help you focus when you’re back.
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time – Going back to having a routine is knowing when work finishes and it’s time to step away from the computer, to then wind down and go to bed to ensure you get the rest you need for the following day.
  • Socialise – While working from home you are not socialising in person with other people but instead on calls like zoom or google meets, it is not the same as being with people so make sure that when you’re not working you are still seeing people and having social interactions.
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