One of the most hidden sources of a businesses pollution is it’s supply chain, by taking into account the traveling distances and the practices of the companies you source from you can massively reduce the carbon cost of your business.

For instance one tonne of goods transported by train creates 65gs of carbon per Km comparatively one tonne transported by a truck or lorry will create 105gs of carbon per Km, so even something as simple as changing how something is delivered can have a big difference to emissions. That doesn’t seem like a lot but over a 100KM it accounts to an extra 4 kilograms of Carbon per tonne.

It’s also a good idea to vet your suppliers for illegal or unethical practices, or to make sure they are verified by a reliable third party organisation. While you are not responsible for the actions of other businesses you can choose who you work with, and it’s good practice to source from suppliers that share your values and act in an ethical and sustainable way.

In general try to source locally, or use a responsible delivery method (avoid air travel when possible) and try to prioritize working with environmentally conscious organisations where possible.

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