Wrag Barn BIG Event

Thursday, 2nd December 2021

Our next BIG Event will be on Thursday, 2nd December at the wonderful Wrag Barn Golf and Country Club.

Conveniently situated between Swindon and Faringdon – and just 15 minutes from M4 Junction 15 – Wrag Barn is the perfect venue for a day of networking, learning and having fun (yes, we have loads of fun at BIG Events!).

With stunning country views, bags of free parking and a warm, relaxed atmosphere, it’s the perfect backdrop for a day of great speakers, terrific networking and a chance to catch up with friends, clients and collaborators, old and new.

Wrag Barn Golf Course

Wrag Barn Golf and Country Club

Following the success of previous Big Events, we have arranged a similar day with 4 quality Keynote speakers, plenty of opportunities to network and (for those wishing to take a stall) showcase your products or services. Freshly brewed tea and coffee will be available throughout the day and there’ll be a chance to ‘refuel’ with a delicious buffet lunch.
NB: Stall tables will be allocated on a first come, first-served basis.

If that isn’t awesome enough, tickets are tax deductible and you don’t need to pay a membership fee to attend.
All we ask is that you join one (or more) of our BWi Facebook Groups, complete a FREE Member’s Business Profile on our website, buy a ticket and be there on the day.

Our Wrag Barn BIG Event is the perfect way to:

  • Gain new clients, contracts & customers
  • Form creative partnerships & collaborations
  • Make new business contacts
  • Learn from speakers who are all experts in their field
  • Share knowledge & know-how
  • Find mentors and/or accountability buddies
  • Establish & maintain friendships

Ticket Prices
£45 BWi Member Attendee
£75 Bwi Member Attendee & Stall

*Not a BWi Member? Then join our Facebook groups and complete your FREE Members Business Profile before buying a ticket.

What will the day look like?

Here’s what we’ve got planned:

Freshly brewed tea and coffee will be available throughout the day and there’ll be a chance to ‘refuel’ with a delicious buffet lunch.

  • 09:00 am Networking & refreshments on arrival
  • 09:40 am Michelle Eddahar – Welcome & Introduction
  • 09:45 am Kaye King – Marketing Without Tears
  • 10:30 am Networking & refreshments
  • 11:15 am Clare Dore – Your soul knows
  • 12:00 pm Networking & Lunch
  • 13:00 pm Helen Hyde – Fight the Filming Fear
  • 13:45 pm Speaker 4
  • 14:00 pm Michelle Eddahar – BWi Updates
  • 14:30 pm Networking
  • 15:00 pm Close

Find out about our speakers

Marketing Without Tears

Kaye King People often feel afraid, overwhelmed and frustrated by marketing, but it’s an important part of running a business. Without it your business won’t grow, and more importantly, the people who need your help won’t know you’re there.

During my talk, people will learn:

 – Why marketing is nothing to be afraid of
 – How to embrace marketing in your business
 – The three questions you need to answer before even starting any marketing
 – How to promote your business without feeling spammy or salesy


By the end of my talk, you’ll feel much less afraid of marketing, and inspired to take the next steps in your own marketing journey.

As small business owners, marketing is vital to our success, but it’s a huge topic, and the overwhelm is real.

I’ve met too many people who do nothing because they don’t know where to start, or they’re wasting time, energy and money on marketing that doesn’t work. I now use my 30 years’ marketing experience to help them.

After working with brands like Kenco, Hilton and Nationwide Building Society, I’m able to strip everything right back to basics for my clients.

Through practical, manageable, and stress-free mentoring, I encourage service-based business owners to promote their business in a way that works for them.

Marketing doesn’t have to feel salesy or spammy. It’s just a conversation at the end of the day.

After working with me, my clients grow more confident, they get comfortable with marketing, and their business grows. Then they fall in love with their business all over again and actually start to enjoy marketing!


Get in touch to find out more about how I can help you or your clients:

Tel: 07879 993744


Website: marketingmentorkaye.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kaye-king-marketingmentor

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Marketingmentorkaye

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mentorkaye

Your soul knows

Clare Dore
Claire Doré is an intuitive mindset coach and Wild Woman CEO. She believes business does not have to be hard. She helps intuitive, soul led business women let go of self-doubt and learn to deeply trust their intuition, so they can live life as a Wild Woman CEO! She teaches them to become decisive and make powerful decisions from a place of clarity, doing life their way, and creating a spacious, fun business based on their real desires.

A personal story and piece of teaching sharing how fear and self doubt was making me settle and keeping me small.

– I will share how following your heart and soul, trusting yourself and fully stepping into your truth always serves you.

– I will share some clear actionable steps you can implement into your business and life so you can create the life and business you truly desire…

What will they learn?
How to stop fearing and start trusting themselves so they can tap into more of their soul’s calling. Helping them make decisions from a place of clarity and truth.

What solution will it solve?
How to create a successful business effortlessly, through ease and flow.

How will it help my business?
You’ll learn how doing less is more. You’ll learn how to access your unique guidance to empower you to step into the woman you really are and elevate you to new levels so you can make the impact you are here to make.

What skills will I gain?
How to tap into your inner wisdom.

How will I feel after the presentation?
Enlightened and inspired, ready to be who you really are.



Fight the Filming Fear

Helen Hyde What stops you from picking up your smartphone and making videos for your social media feeds?
Is it a lack of confidence, a fear of technology, or no time to plan let alone film? Perhaps you hate seeing yourself on camera, or even the sound of your own voice?
There are a lot of obstacles which get in the way and make us all shy away from filming ourselves or our product and showing it off on social media in the most professional, creative and engaging way – video!
Helen Hyde will talk you through the top five filming fears and how you can overcome!

Instagram: @hyde_media
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