Marlborough BIG Event

 Tuesday 8th March 2022

Our first Big Event of 2022 will be on Tuesday 8th March at the marvellous Marlborough Golf Club.

Situated in North Wiltshire – just off the A346 (from M4 Junction 15) and 25 minutes south of Swindon- Marlborough Golf club is the perfect venue for a day of networking, learning and having fun (yes, we have loads of fun at BIG Events!). Plus we get to celebrate International Women’s Day with you!

With picturesque views of the Wiltshire Downs, plenty of free parking and a warm, friendly atmosphere, it’s the perfect setting for another fantastic Big Event. The day will be packed with great speakers, terrific networking and a chance to catch up with friends, clients and collaborators, old and new. 

Marlborough Golf Club

Marlborough Golf Club

Following the success of previous Big Events, we have arranged a similar day with 4 quality Keynote speakers, plenty of opportunities to network and (for those wishing to take a stall) showcase your products or services. Freshly brewed tea and coffee will be available throughout the day and there’ll be a chance to ‘refuel’ with a delicious buffet lunch.
NB: Stall tables will be allocated on a first come, first-served basis.

If that isn’t awesome enough, tickets are tax deductible and you don’t need to pay a membership fee to attend.
All we ask is that you join one (or more) of our BWi Facebook Groups, complete a FREE Member’s Business Profile on our website, buy a ticket and be there on the day.

Our Marlborough BIG Event is the perfect way to:

  • Gain new clients, contracts & customers
  • Form creative partnerships & collaborations
  • Make new business contacts
  • Learn from speakers who are all experts in their field
  • Share knowledge & know-how
  • Find mentors and/or accountability buddies
  • Establish & maintain friendships

Ticket Prices
£45 BWi Member Attendee
£75 Bwi Member Attendee & Stall

*Not a BWi Member? Then join our Facebook groups and complete your FREE Members Business Profile before buying a ticket.

What will the day look like?

Here’s what we’ve got planned:

Freshly brewed tea and coffee will be available throughout the day and there’ll be a chance to ‘refuel’ with a delicious buffet lunch.

  • 09:00 am Networking & refreshments on arrival
  • 09:40 am Michelle Eddahar – Welcome & Introduction
  • 09:45 am Tracy Marland – How to Beat Social Media Overwhelm
  • 10:30 am Networking & refreshments
  • 11:15 am Nicky Bevan – Get Control of Your Sugar Cravings and Get Control of Your Life
  • 12:00 pm Networking & Lunch
  • 13:00 pm Information coming soon
  • 13:45 pm Information coming soon
  • 14:00 pm Michelle Eddahar – BWi Updates
  • 14:30 pm Networking
  • 15:00 pm Close

Find out about our speakers

How to Beat Social Media Overwhelm

Do you manage and create content on social media business profiles? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed? Not sure how to manage your profiles efficiently?

If this is you, my presentation may just help you out!

During my presentation I will be sharing real life examples and tips to help you reduce social media overwhelm, get in control of your social media business profiles and start seeing rewards for the amount of time you invest in them. If you are a business owner who wants to use social media marketing as part of your overall marketing plan this presentation is a must.

What will I learn? Learn 6 ways to take control of your social media profiles, reduce your overwhelm and see results.

What problems will it solve? You will gain solutions to overcome overwhelming feeling and reduce time -wasting.

How will it help my business? Help you make the most of the time you spend on social media.

How will I feel after the presentation? Confident to use social media to help you achieve your business goals, and understand ways in which you can plan your time to keep in control.

What skills will I gain? How to manage your time efficiently.

Much like my business namesake, I love meeting new businesses, understanding their unique story and helping them to grow & thrive. Prior to setting up my own business, I worked with independents and national companies, developing marketing & advertising campaigns for 20 years. During this time I saw the rapid growth of websites, digital advertising and social media. ​Three years ago I launched Social Butterfly Digital to educate and support local business owners who want to use Social Media for their business, but feel overwhelmed, are time poor or have fallen out of love with it! if you want to unlock the power of social media marketing for your business – I am here to help you! 

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Get control of your sugar cravings and get control of your life

Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, this presentation is still for you! If it’s not sugar, it might be alcohol, or junk food. If it’s not food or drink it might be overspending, over exercising or over cleaning. It can be any activity that is currently giving you a negative consequence on your life. In my light-hearted, humorous presentation, I am going to teach you why you feel like you can’t stop eating all the ‘treats’. I am also going to give some simple tips on how to start getting the control you want, not only with cravings but also with your life.

Who is this presentation for? If you’re human, this presentation will benefit you. We all have something in our life that we do to distract us or make us feel better but it’s actually giving us a negative consequence. So regardless of what your ‘over doing’, this presentation is for you.

What will I learn? You’ll learn just how powerful your mind is and how to start getting control of it. When you start to manage your mind, the benfits ripple into every area of your life.

What problems will it solve? It will solve the feeling you currently have of being out of control and feeling rubbish.

How will it help my business? How you do one thing in your life is how you do everything, so once you bceome aware of your habits and start to manage your mind, you can then apply those skills into your business, as well as your relationships, your health and many other parts of your life.

How will I feel after the presentation? Empowered. Full of possibility and finally having an understanding of why you eat all the sugar.

What skills will I gain? The most amazing life skill of starting to manage your mind.

My name’s Nicky Bevan and I’m a certified life and weight loss coach. There isn’t a topic that I can’t help you with but I’m really passionate about helping people get control of their sugar cravings so that they can enjoy one piece of chocolate and leave the rest. It’s been my journey but it’s not just about sugar, it’s about getting control of your mind which ultimately has a positive impact of the rest of your life. I’ve been coaching for over 2 years and love helping people to get control of their sugar craving and create the life they want to live. I can’t wait to meet and help you.

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