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It is said that all humans have 3 core needs we should meet to be emotionally healthy and to feel fulfilled. The how can vary from person to person but the what stays the same. 

The 3 core psychological needs 

  • Autonomy
  • Competence
  • Connection 


Autonomy is the freedom of choice. Everyone wants to feel like the decisions made in their lives are determined and controlled by themselves. Life is like a movie, and you’re the director. 


To make those decisions we want to know we have the competence to do so. To be competent is to know to achieve what we’re aiming for or to have the ability to learn what’s needed for us to do so.


Connections can be formed with anyone or anything, it is the association, link or relationship between them. To feel connected is critical to who we are and as humans, we thrive off of connection!

Time to check in on how you are faring at meeting your 3 core needs:

Do you often feel lonely or isolated?

Do you sometimes doubt your skills or knowledge base?

Do you feel exasperated or trapped?

But most of all –  Do you want to feel more supported?

If you answered yes to any of these, you could be neglecting one or more of your core needs. But worry not – help from the BWi is at hand.

How can Business Women in help you to fulfil your needs?


‘Business Women in’ are all for empowering women to make their own choices in both life and business-

We keep you informed on current policies as well as upcoming changes, grants and possibly anything else that could impact or benefit your business so that you can feel even more confident in the decisions you make.


Through our amazing workshops and great value courses, we further equip women with the tools and information to successfully run their businesses with the knowledge to make the best choices. 

Alongside that, we also arrange monthly meetups which are useful for not only networking locally but for brainstorming, creativity and building friendships too. 

With expert speakers, tones of networking opportunities and in whole a great day out our BIG events are not to be missed also.


Business Women in holds safe spaces for networking, whether it’s in person or online, we are completely inclusive for all women or anyone who identifies as Female. This community gives women the platform to feel acknowledged valued and accepted by like-minded women all wanting to head in the same direction and support each other in being their best-

Now let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that! 

We See You, We Hear You, We Support You  

Head over to and join our newsletter to keep updated with the latest news and information or join our social media platforms and become a member for free, these are some great ways to get started and we can’t wait to welcome you into our ever-growing community- and if your already a member ‘Hello, It was great to see your here too!’

Written by Alisha Reeves | Business Women in 

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