Workshop – What the Tech – September


Wed 14th Sep 2022


10:00 am – 12:00 am




Getting to grips with tech can help simplify your business, help promote what you do, and get clients to book their conversations with you.

We will go through the different techniques you can use to build your business and give examples of where to use them. These could be funnels, lead magnets, sales pages, websites, email lists, appointment bookings, calendars, content scheduling, analytics, and task management.

If you are struggling with time and looking for solutions to get some of the administration done or automate processes then this is the workshop for you. You will get an insight into the different systems available allowing you to have a list of systems that you could apply in your business today.

Why should I book?

Being in business is not about doing it all; it’s about doing what you love, and the systems I will go through will help you determine where and what will work well in your business to make sure you have time for what you enjoy.

What you will learn?

You’ll learn how to walk through your client’s journey and assess how easy it is to get in touch, either to buy or to have a discovery call. The systems that can help you promote your business and how to follow up and ensure those tasks get done, in a cost-efficient way.

What solution will it solve?

A focus on what you need now and how to get ahead quickly.

How will it help my business?

This should help streamline your business to make sure you are capturing information at the right time for the right people.

How will I feel after the workshop?

You will gain an insight into the solutions that are available to you and be motivated to streamline your business, feeling confident and determined to save time for what you want to achieve.

What skills will I gain?

Understanding how to walk through your business and understand touchpoints of your business through your client’s eyes.

Will I know what to do?

You will have all the information available to go away and see what works for you; each system allows you to ‘have a go’ and everyone is so different so you will have the confidence to see what works and how you could develop your business systems for the future.

What if I have questions?

Don’t hesitate to ask; Bryony your host is keen to get processes and systems embedded into your business and so just reach out after the workshop.

What if I need support after the workshop?

Support is available through the systems identified, with great support teams either online or via email. If you have any questions then you will always be able to reach Bryony Roberts your trainer.

Your Trainer Bryony Roberts

Having started her career in the Royal Navy, Bryony set the tone for the future of being able to thrive under pressure in challenging environments and industries. She cut her teeth on the military standardisation of processes, which then in turn cemented her passion for helping businesses to achieve.

Bryony’s love for working within quality management systems has always been a pillar of what she stands for and working in these challenging industries has given Bryony the opportunity to see first-hand the benefits of working within a wide range of industries and the importance of developing procedures and policies that drive a company to achieve its best.

All workshops are recorded and emailed to attendees.

All our Workshops, apart from the Protect your organisation from Cyber Crime workshop, are recorded. Which means that if you can’t/don’t want to attend the live sessions due to work or personal commitments, you can watch them at your own pace and at a time and date that suits you. It’s also perfect if you’ve attended the live sessions but want to recap on all the fabulous stuff you’ve learned.