Workshop – Facebook for Business – August


Fri 26th Aug 2022


10:00 am – 12:00 pm





There is always a really common theme when small businesses talk to me about their use of Facebook:

I hate it
I use it because I HAVE to
Facebook hides everything
No one sees my posts, or its just family or other businesses commenting
EVERYTHING keeps changing

What if I told you that I could make it a little bit easier and what if I told you that some of those problems you are having could be the result of bad practices?

Join Alpha Digital Marketing for this two hour workshop where you will learn:

How to optimise your business page with a run through the settings and which ones can really benefit your business
Learn how to utilise your personal profile for advertising your business
Understand how to use groups properly to support your business
Get RID of the bad practices that damage your page
Learn to connect with your audience without continually asking them to buy your stuff!!


About your Trainer Victoria Marshall

Victoria Barrett owns Alpha Digital Marketing. She know’s digital marketing can have this immense power over small business owners, which can often leave them feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and very often disheartened and may be impacting on mental health when they perceive others “doing better”. Through 1-2-1 and small group sessions, Victoria de-mystify Social Media and other digital marketing platforms, giving business owners concise training and direction allowing them to IMMEDIATELY implement tips, better understand their digital footprint and take away that content stress. Alongside, Victoria teaches businesses how to run Facebook and Instagram adverts, showing them what to do, step by step, as well as the, what NOT to do to ensure that they squeeze every last result from their hard-earned cash!

All our Workshops are recorded. Which means that if you can’t/don’t want to attend the live sessions due to work or personal commitments, you can watch them at your own pace and at a time and date that suits you. It’s also perfect if you’ve attended the live sessions but want to recap on all the fabulous stuff you’ve learned.