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Nicki Kinton
nicki@confidentcashflow.com https://confidentcashflow.com/ Joined November 25, 2019
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Confident Cashflow
Business Bio
It was a love of process and a passion for numbers which steered Nicki Kinton from her days shadowing at her father’s accountancy practice into a successful career in credit control, ultimately founding her own company, Confident Cashflow, in 2017. Along the way, she became one of just a handful of people to achieve a First Class BA Hons degree in credit management, with the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM). Through Confident Cashflow, Nicki has helped business owners ranging from high end decorators, who didn’t have control of their cashflow, to digital marketers running prominent advertising campaigns, to a publisher whose company bank balance was permanently in the red until she stepped in. For Nicki, good credit management, positive cashflow and robust terms and conditions are the backbone of a successful enterprise. Indeed, she is so keen for businesses to get their cashflow and credit under control, she delivers workshops and talks, to help educate owner managers.
Personal Bio
Nicki approaches all her interests with equal enthusiasm. She’s an accomplished French horn player, which she’s played since she was 11, is a member of various musicla grups including Swindon Symphony Orchestra, Marlborogh Concert orchestra and The Film Orchestra, and is an avid reader. At one time, she was a regular participant in live action role play, and it will come as no surprise to learn she ending up running the guild of which she was a member.
Business Genre
Finance & Accounting


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