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Charlotte Riley
charlotte@beingtrulyme.com http://beingtrulyme.com Joined November 26, 2019
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Being Truly Me
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As a creative writer I help to inspire, encourage, and motivate people through my poems and positive quotes, and I have made them accessible by creating a collection of prints, postcards and greetings cards. The Being Truly Me brand is centred around the importance of taking time to discover what being truly you is all about, and sharing kind words, not only with others but with our selves. Having stopped to re-evaluate things and go in search of what it was that would truly light me up a few years ago, I found my voice on the pages of my journal and fell in love with writing. Writing has now become a part of every-day life for me, and creative writing is now my work. I love shining the light on other small business owners to share their stories on my blog, and I occasionally work with clients on special projects to help them be creative with their own words.
Personal Bio
I live and work in Swindon. I’m a Wiltshire girl born and bred, although I have lived as far east as Essex and as far west as Devon. I’m mum to our 8-year-old son, and our English bulldog, Steve. I love to sew, read, and I’m a bit of podcast nerd. Journaling, yoga and meditation are my go-to things to replenish and restore, and my favourite place to holiday is the Caribbean!
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Design & Creative


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